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  1. Hello,

    I’d like to speak with you about my holiday project Eddie Allen’s Jazzy Brass for the Holidays, being presented at Faith Congregational Church during the 2016 Christmas Holiday Season. We’re a 7 piece ensemble, based in NYC, made up of 2 trumpets, a french horn, trombone, acoustic bass, drums and piano that plays fresh, original arrangements of holiday favorites for the young and old. Most of the tunes are performed with a jazz flavor, while never losing sight of the melody which made these classics so memorable. Needless to say, this is different from what you normally do for your jazz vespers program.

    Jazzy Brass For The Holidays is;
    Eddie Allen – trumpet (leader)
    Cecil Bridgewater – trumpet
    W. Marshall Sealy – french horn
    Clark Gayton – trombone
    Kenny Davis – acoustic bass
    Carl Allen – drums
    James Weidman – piano

    If you’d like to hear excerpts from the CD, please visit;

    You can also read some critic reviews below.
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Best regards,

    Eddie Allen

    Since this Xmas looks like it’s going to suck for many, it’s time to get the holidays rolling with something different to take our collective minds off things. Allen takes it back to the golden age of smooth Marty Paich charts on brass dates for a holiday brass collection that sounds like it didn’t come from a marching band. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that he’s gathered some real jazz hitters around him and he has a great love for all things brass. You know the songs but they don’t really sound like anything you’ve heard before. A smart holiday set that might have some fat playing but certainly doesn’t show any schmaltz. – CHRIS SPECTOR MIDWEST RECORD

    CD Review
    It’s not Christmas yet, but here we are with a new Christmas album ready for the season of endless versions of the same songs. The cover for Jazzy Brass For The Holidays (DBCD) doesn’t reveal who or what this CD is, so you have to flip it over to the back to see Eddie Allen’s name as the leader, along with Carl Allen (drums/glockenspiel), Kenny Davis (acoustic bass), Clark Gayton (trombone), W. Marshall Sealy (French horn), and Cecil Bridgewater (trumpeter).
    Even if you’ve heard these… no, I know you’ve heard these songs over and over and it takes a trooper to want to hear them again, so why bother with the same ol’ rusty nuggets? Because the songs are good, their musicianship is spot on, and the performances is good enough for listening outside of the holidays.
    Music Reviews

    CD Review
    New Yorker Eddie Allen has assembled a sassy brass quartet (plus acoustic bass and some percussion), generating white heat and a slow burn for the holidays. His Jazzy Brass for the Holidays presents a friendly melange of relaxed improvisations that should properly roast your chestnuts.
    The album has a vibrant jazz core, but remains wholly accessible to jazz-phobic folks who might prefer the safety of popular standards with predictable arrangements. Everything is recognizable here; the melodies bend and swing in lyrical ways that remain true to each tune’s essence. The vibe is light, like these are old pals getting together to celebrate the season without taking themselves too seriously. It’s almost as though you have accidentally stumbled upon their jam session; just pull up a stool, sip your eggnog, and enjoy!
    Jazz fans, this is easy. Not a jazz fan? Broaden your horizons. Eddie Allen will be your excellent tour guide; enjoy Jazzy Brass for the Holidays!
    –Carol Swanson

    Trumpeter Allen has conviction in what he’s doing. Refusing to stoop to weak sentiment, he communicates his sense of uplift when refurbishing “We Three Kings”, “O Holy Night” and a dozen more classics. All the while his fellow brass players-Cecil Bridgewater on trumpet, W. Marshall Sealy on French horn, Clark Gayton on trombone-sound just as involved and confident. They’re on a little wintry voyage of discovery with streams of ideas articulated with spirit and concision.
    Downbeat Magazine
    Frank Hadley

    CD Review:
    EDDIE ALLEN uses a brass quartet comprised of himself and Cecil Bridgewater on trumpets, Clark Gayton on trombone and W. Marshall Sealy on French horn, plus Kenny Davis on bass and Carl Allen on drums and glockenspiel to visit 14 holiday classics. There is a mix of carols and pop tunes. Most jazz Christmas albums find the pop songs being jazzed up with the carols being played fairly straight. Here, Allen has chosen to go the jazzy route from the outset on the pop material. For the carols, he makes use of the brass quartet to state the melody, but then allows the individual horn players to follow their improvisational imagination. It makes for an interesting mix that is a pleasant and lively change of pace from most jazz Christmas albums.
    Jersey Jazz.
    Joe Lang

    CD Review:
    Eddie Allen – Jazzy Brass For The Holidays
    O’s Notes: Trumpeter Eddie Allen leads a brassy jazz ensemble through fourteen Christmas classics. Kenny Davis (b) and Carl Allen (d) provide the backbone with Cecil Bridgewater (t), W. Marshall Sealy (fr h) and Clark Gayton (tb) making harmony with Eddie. And it is sweet harmony indeed as Allen’s arrangements allow for generous improvisation. His approach features warm, layered brass vs. boundaryless free form. They use a calypso basis for “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” that puts the tune in motion. We also liked “Deck the Halls”, “We Three Kings”, “O Holy Night”, “Frosty The Snowman” and the medley “Away In A Manger”. The cover is bright and playfully colorful and that is the spirit of Allen’s effort but the music is serious, sophisticated jazz!
    D. Oscar Groomes
    O’s Place Jazz Magazine

    Jazzy Brass for the Holidays (DBCD) possible art at
    Six top New York City-based jazzmen dig into the seasonal repertoire with flavor and spunk. Headed by trumpeter Eddie Allen, this CD offers an up-to-date, swinging, little big band approach to these timeless ditties, all arranged with aplomb by the leader. His A-1 colleagues: trumpeter Cecil Bridgewater, French hornist W. Marshall Sealy, trombonist Clark Gayton, bassist Kenny Davis, and drummer Carl Allen. “Jingle Bells” starts as a slow march with Gayton’s vocal-like trombone and wah-wahs from trumpets, then shifts to a swing feel then finally a New Orleans back-beat mood with hip horn parts. “We Three Kings” has spine via Kenny Davis’ repeating bass line and Carl Allen’s quietly percolating drums. Eddie Allen solos with meaty remarks, likewise the drummer. “Little Drummer Boy” offers more perky percussion and engaging brass. “Let it Snow” and “Deck the Halls” are also winners.
    New Jersey Star-Ledger
    –Zan Stewart

    Eddie Allen’s Jazzy Brass for the Christmas Holidays
    A brass choir of two trumpets, French horn and trombone team up with a good rhythm section to play trumpeter Eddie Allen’s jazzed-up arrangements of Christmas music on Jazzy Brass for the Holidays (DBC).
    It will give you a jazzed break from choral ensembles, crooners, rockers or whatever else usually gets on your CD player during the holidays. Sounds like a good one for the Christmas party.
    Gappalegate Music Review

    Jazzy Brass for the Holidays (DBCD) – A sextet (brass quartet, bass and drums) led by trumpeter Eddie Allen sounds both traditional and deeply rooted in jazz integrity here.
    -The News Observer

    Is it that time of the year already? This is the first of the Christmassy discs I have received and it is quite good. Trumpeter Eddie Allen lives in New York and has worked with such jazzers as Art Blakey, Benny Carter and Houston Person, as well as playing in the pit orchestras for many musical shows. He has assembled a brass quartet backed by bass and drums to play his own arrangements of 14 seasonal tunes. The arrangements are ingenious, and provide varied approaches to these songs. For example, It Came Upon the Midnight Clear starts with a peal of bells provided by the brass, while Jingle Bells begins with a jokily stumbling theme statement from trombonist Clark Gayton. Gayton furnishes some gutsy solos and has a nice line in growls. Eddie Allen makes a dependable lead trumpeter. Several tunes open in serious style – like a Salvation Army band – before swinging into the jazz. Jazz CD Reviews – Tony Augarde
    CHRISTMAS –Sounding like the hippest Salvation Army band in town, this sextet plays instrumental, jazzed-up carols, often with a straight brass-band intro leading into appealing horn solos. If Xmas songs don’t make you gag on principle, these renditions are really nice.
    KZSU Radio – Zookeeper Online

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