Faith Church participates in mission on the local level. The function of the  Mission Committee

To provide assistance to our local, national and international families and churches and to promote a Christian fellowship in our community. In alignment with the UCC’s Wider Church Ministries goals, Faith Church’s goals include 1) nurturing human community- persons in mission, partnerships and programs; and 2) restoring the environment and economics to the service of God.

In 2011, Faith provided financial/volunteer assistance to the following organizations:

•           My Sister’s Place

•           Boys and Girls Club of North Hartford

•           Christian Activities Council

•           SAND School

•           Nutmeg Big Brothers, Big Sisters

Sponsored Volunteer Opportunities Seminar during which community presenters informed Faith  members of their organization’s needs.

Developed and distributed a Volunteer Opportunities Guide, a resource to encourage local community service as part of Faith’s “Service to Others” Project.

Coordinated community outreach projects:

  •  The Sandwich Ministry prepared and delivered 1000 sandwiches to the House of Bread in 2011.
  • FCC volunteers delivered dinners and dined with Tabor House residents monthly. They also prepared and delivered a special Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Neighborhood families obtained approximately 50 coats through FCC’s Coat Drive.
  • Volunteers distributed a total of seventy, $35.00 grocery gift cards to families at Thanksgiving; of the seventy, 30 cards were distributed to SAND, MLK, and Milner schools.