Trustee Board

The Trustee Board is responsible for the care and custody of all Church assets and property, as well as safeguarding and administration of the Church’s financial resources.The Board works in conjunction with the Senior Pastor, Moderator, Church Council to ensure all fiscal transactions are conducted in accordance with policies and procedures established by the Church Council and the Board.

Programs, Projects and Activities Completed in 2013:

In 2013 the Board assumed a new administrative model, electing 2 co-chairs and a vice-chair to direct Board activities. The officers assumed responsibility for chairing the three standing committees. Finance Committee was assigned to Natalie Mendes, Personnel Committee to Deremius Williams, and Building & Grounds to Lee Martin. This has improved the Board’s efficiency and productivity and gives Board members the opportunity to focus on their areas of special interest or expertise. For additional information , see the 2013 annual report.

Programs, Projects and Activities for 2014

The Trustee Board will continue to provide service as the church requires anticipating financial needs and strategically planning for the ministry.

  1. The Board will conduct orientation of new trustees and other interested persons.
  2. Work closely with the Fundraising Committee to ensure the goal of raising $43,000 is met.
  3. The Finance Committee will conduct reviews of income and expenses and recommend corrective action if needed.
  4. The Personnel Committee will complete the employee handbook and performance review process.
  5. Building & Grounds will develop a comprehensive plan to document, prioritize and address major church repairs.

Officers: Church Treasurers

Suzanne Robinson and Natalie Mendes,  Co-Chairs

A. Lee Martin, Vice-chair

Deremius Williams, Secretary

Gail Martin, Treasurer


Current Members

Valerie Alexander           Maryland Grier             Suzanne Robinson

Fred Crayton, Jr.             William Hollis               Natalie Mendes

Alfreda Gaither                 Patricia Gray                Rev. Donald Steinle

A. Lee Martin                      Chris Jennings             Deremius Williams