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University of Nebraska-Lincoln Offers New Online Database of Court Cases of Enslaved People Seeking Their Freedom

by goodblacknews

According to the Journal of Blacks in Higher Education, the Center for Digital Research in the Humanities at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln recently debuted an online database of more than 500 court cases in which enslaved persons had sued to gain their freedom. The Dred Scott case in 1857 is the most famous of such […] Read more HERE.

Juvenile Justice


Read the report “INCARCERATED/DETAINED YOUTH – AN EXAMINATION OF CONDITIONS OF CONFINEMENT” published by the CT Office of the Child Advocate HERE.  This report discusses what happens to young people who are detained or incarcerated in CT. The report was published in January 2019.

OJJDP Bulletin Summarizes Juvenile Arrests
Juvenile Arrests 2016

Today, OJJDP released “Juvenile Arrests, 2016.” This bulletin describes the current arrest trends for juveniles from 1980 to 2016, using data from the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Uniform Crime Report.

Suicides Increasing

Suicides are at the highest rate in decades, CDC report shows

Suicide is rare, but it’s increasing in America.

 By Julissa Treviño  Nov 29, 2018, 7:30 pm EST

The suicide rate is the highest it’s been in decades, the latest warning sign of a worsening public health issue in America that needs far more attention. According to a new report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 47,000 Americans died by suicide in 2017. Put another way, the suicide rate was 14 people in every 100,000 — up 33 percent from 10.5 people per 100,000 in 1999. Read more HERE.

For current local crime statistics, click here. To see a map showing the locations of Hartford homicides, click here.

Americans own an estimated 265 million guns, more than one gun for every adult.  Data from the Gun Violence Archive reveals there is a mass shooting – defined as four or more people shot in one incident, not including the shooter – nine out of every 10 days on average. Click HERE for an interactive map.

Tubman $20 bill delayed

Harriet Tubman $20 Bill Is Delayed Until Trump Leaves Office, Mnuchin Says   


Under a proposed redesign of the $20 bill, Harriet Tubman would have replaced Andrew Jackson.
Under a proposed redesign of the $20 bill, Harriet Tubman would have replaced Andrew Jackson. Universal History Archive/Getty Images

WASHINGTON — Harriet Tubman — former slave, abolitionist, “conductor” on the Underground Railroad — will not become the face of the $20 bill until after President Trump leaves office, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said Wednesday. Read the entire article HERE.

Dolester Miles

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Watch Dolester Miles here.

Do You Know Dolester Miles?

Birmingham, Alabama’s Dolester Miles won the 2018 James Beard Award for Outstanding Pastry Chef. In honor of her big win (and her restaurant, Highland’s Bar and Grill, we’re sharing our profile of her from our May/June Southern issue, where we name Dolester as one of 10 Southern Bakers You Should Know. Also, try her recipe for Bourbon-Glazed Pound Cake! Read more HERE.

According to the NY Times, “[John] Edge [the food writer and historian] holds Ms. Miles in high regard for her ability to be thoroughly modern with some desserts but also to reach back into African-American baking traditions and bring forth impeccable renditions of classic Southern cakes and pies. “She has to meet the standards of a diner’s grandmother,” he said. “But Dol also meets the expectation of the fine-dining customer. That straddle is hard to manage.” Read more HERE.

Try her recipe for coconut pecan cake HERE.

Try her blueberry cobbler recipe HERE

Doc Hurley

Did you know that the Doc Hurley Scholarship Fund came into existence through the joint efforts of Faith Congregational Church and the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving? Rev. Stephen Camp of Faith and Linda Kelly, the former president of the Hartford Foundation, worked together to make this happen.  Did you know that Faith gave a contribution of $1500 to help get the fund off the ground? Did you know that Doc Hurley was a member of Faith for 50 years? Did you know that to date the scholarship fund has received more than $40,000?

Walter "Doc" Hurley Statue Unvailed After Parade

Mike Anthony: Doc Hurley statue and community response fitting tributes to a legendary man

Hurley, the Weaver High athletic prodigy of the late 1930s and early 1940s, and the inner city’s powerful heartbeat until his death in 2014, would have been so proud of what took place at the corner of Greenfield Street and Ridgefield Street — not necessarily because of a statue or because he was honored in a way so few are, but because the entire production was a show of force by a community he worked tirelessly to empower through love, patience, the occasional kick in the rear end, and a lifetime of purpose that was a guiding light.

Click Here for The Complete Hartford Courant Article

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Hartford History Center

TRUDE MERO (1927- 2013)

Mero was active in Hartford politics and was a founder of Project Concern in 1966, one of the first voluntary school integration programs. She was a longtime employee of the Connecticut Department of Human Resources and served as executive administrative liaison to three administrations, including Gov. William A. O’Neill. She was chairwoman of Connecticut’s African-American Affairs Commission and was a member of Greater Hartford Progressive Democratic Women’s Club. She served as a commissioner on the Metropolitan District Commission. She ran Nutmeg Planners to help minority contractors with compliance issues. She also helped develop Voices of Women of Color, a social justice firm. She was born in South Carolina, went to segregated schools in New Jersey, and moved to Hartford in 1948. She outlived two husbands. Wilfred X. “Spike” Johnson, was one of the first African Americans to be elected as a Democrat in the state General Assembly in 1958. Her second husband, Robert V. Mero, was an executive director of the West Hartford Housing Authority and a supervisor with the U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development. Trude was a member of Faith Congregational Church.

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Medical Care – Free or Sliding Scale

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How an Ex-Slave Successfully Won a Case for Reparations in 1783

In one of the earliest examples of reparations, an ex-slave named Belinda petitioned the government and was granted an annuity.

By: Matthew Wills

On February 14, 1783, an elderly ex-slave known only as Belinda submitted a petition to the Massachusetts legislature. She asked for an annual pension for herself and her invalid daughter, Prine, to be paid from the estate of their former owner, Isaac Royall. Royall had been one of the largest slave owners in the colony before he had fled to England in 1775. Because he turned out to be a royalist, his estate was confiscated and his two dozen slaves were manumitted (there’s some speculation as to whether some were sold, including Belinda’s son Joseph). Belinda was a slave under Royall for four decades and was old and penniless when she finally gained her freedom.

Former slave Belinda's petition for reparations.
Former slave Belinda’s petition for reparations

Her petition is one of the earliest examples of reparations for the slave trade and slavery, Roy E. Finkenbine reported.  Read more HERE.