When the Suffrage Movement Sold Out to White Supremacy

African-American women were written out of the history of the woman suffrage movement. As the centennial of the 19th Amendment approaches, it’s time for a new look at the past.

Brent Staples

By Brent Staples

Americans are being forced to choose between a cherished lie and a disconcerting truth as they prepare to celebrate the centennial of the 19th Amendment in 2020. While middle-class white women celebrated with ticker tape parades, black women in the former Confederacy were being defrauded by voting registrars or were driven away from registration offices under threat of violence. Read the article here.

CAC Doing a New Thing!

The Christian Activities Council has worked for many years on issues confronting the City of Hartford. Most recently, they have won some victories in getting the City and HUD to hold absentee landlords accountable. Now, they are building a new organization for Faith-Based Community Organizing.

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AJ Johnson, left, and Cori Mackey, executive director, are organizers with the Christian Activities Council, a Hartford social justice group that ousted a notorious New York landlord from his North End public housing complex. Mackey is the executive director of the Vine Street organization. (Patrick Raycraft / Hartford Courant)

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