Obesity-Related Cancers on Rise in Young Adults

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According to the Emergency Email and Wireless Network, United States millennials ages 24 to 49 who are overweight are discovering that they are forming more cancers than in previous years, according to a recent study done by the Center for Disease Control. Obese individuals experience a wide variety of types of cancers which may be related to the amount they weigh. Some of these types of cancer include those such as: 
Multiple myelomas

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Henrietta Lacks

Cancer cells were taken from her body without permission. They led to a medical revolution.

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She never traveled farther than Baltimore from her family home in southern Virginia, but her cells have traveled around the earth and far above it, too.

She was buried in an unmarked grave, but the trillions of those cells — generated from a tiny patch taken from her body — are labeled in university labs and biotechnology companies across the world, where they continue to spawn and to play the critical role in a 67-year parade of medical advances.  READ MORE