Katie Cannon, theologian

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The Rev. Dr. Katie Cannon, the first black woman to be ordained in a leading branch of Presbyterianism and a groundbreaking scholar who helped elevate the perspective of black women in church and academic thought, died on  August 8, 2018, in Richmond, Va. Dr. Cannon was a foundational voice in womanist theology, which seeks to escape the white- and male-centered views of religion and ethics and to value the experiences and insights of black women in those areas. Read more about this extraordinary woman HERE

5 Women Who Changed How We Think About Race

Amisha Padnani

By Amisha Padnani   

Devah Pager, a Harvard sociologist who died on Nov. 2, demonstrated the tenacious power of race in hiring decisions. We looked back through our obituary archives and found five other women, some recently deceased, whose thinking had an impact on our understanding of race. Read about these women here.