Doc Hurley

Did you know that the Doc Hurley Scholarship Fund came into existence through the joint efforts of Faith Congregational Church and the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving? Rev. Stephen Camp of Faith and Linda Kelly, the former president of the Hartford Foundation, worked together to make this happen.  Did you know that Faith gave a contribution of $1500 to help get the fund off the ground? Did you know that Doc Hurley was a member of Faith for 50 years? Did you know that to date the scholarship fund has received more than $40,000?

Walter "Doc" Hurley Statue Unvailed After Parade

Mike Anthony: Doc Hurley statue and community response fitting tributes to a legendary man

Hurley, the Weaver High athletic prodigy of the late 1930s and early 1940s, and the inner city’s powerful heartbeat until his death in 2014, would have been so proud of what took place at the corner of Greenfield Street and Ridgefield Street — not necessarily because of a statue or because he was honored in a way so few are, but because the entire production was a show of force by a community he worked tirelessly to empower through love, patience, the occasional kick in the rear end, and a lifetime of purpose that was a guiding light.

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