Lead Poisoning Prevention

Achieving Equity in Lead Poisoning Prevention Policy Making
   [from foundationcenter.org]

Lead poisoning prevention advocates and policymakers need to take equity into consideration when addressing the consequences of lead poisoning for people of color and low-income communities, a report from Human Impact Partners finds. Funded by the Joyce and Kresge foundations, the report, Achieving Equity in Lead Poisoning Prevention Policy Making(71 pages, PDF), found that in the areas of residential lead service line replacement, lead testing in water at schools and licensed childcare facilities, and testing and remediation of lead-based paint hazards in housing, poor community engagement by government agencies exacerbates inequities and mistrust, while a patchwork of laws, regulations, and financing frameworks reduces the effectiveness of programs, dissipates resources, and places communities at risk. The report also found that the cost of implementing policies further burdens communities that are struggling financially, while families of color often are blamed for their exposure and unfairly stigmatized by stereotypes…   Download the report →