Managing Chronic Eczema

The Key to Managing Chronic Eczema

Your skin is an amazing organ: It has a very capable barrier function, a good blood supply to call in nutrients, and the ability to repair itself. It has its own local immune surveillance system, a support system with collagen, elastic fibers, etc. (like a scaffolding on a construction site), and its own system of nerves.

But sometimes that brilliant design is disrupted, and problems, like chronic eczema, emerge. One of the most common causes of chronic eczema is genetics – some people have genes that cause alterations in the skin’s barrier properties and immune functions, which makes them more likely to get eczema, grow certain bacteria, and have ongoing problems. Chronic eczema is also caused by the environmental irritations – friction, chemicals in soaps and skincare products, cold or dry weather, etc. And, believe it or not, eczema is often made chronic by the very the medications, especially creams and antibiotics, that doctors give patients to try to treat the problem.  Read more here.