The Big E – Evangelism

Do You Know What the Big E Is?

 Some people think the Big E is a kind of regional fair – you know, cotton candy, fried everything, animals, rides, entertainment. Happening once a year, and sponsored by the New England States, the Big E is known for eclairs and cream puffs, the Avenue of States, the midway, and 4-H exhibits.  But for some, the big E stands for evangelism. In the United Church of Christ we believe that  God is still speaking through and to the United Church of Christ.  Members and congregations are claiming and embracing God’s call to evangelism.  Evangelism is vital for the future of the United Church of Christ. God is saying to the United Church of Christ to be ready and set to grow in witness, outreach and welcome.  Evangelism Ministry proclaims the gospel in the world and the church, as well as, starts, nurtures, strengthens and renews congregations in partnership with Conferences.

Dealing With The 6 Words A Christian Should Never Want To Hear

Jason Foster writes, “Conviction can come at strange times and in strange places. I learned this the other day. A co-worker saw that I mentioned this blog on Twitter. We talked for a few minutes about faith matters, about God’s will, about making tough decisions as a Christian. Then my co-worker said six words I hope I never hear again: I didn’t know you’re a Christian. Talk about convicting. I thought it was obvious, but obviously not.”   Read here about this interesting revelation about evangelism.