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Assurance Wireless is a federal Lifeline Assistance program brought to you by Virgin Mobile. The Lifeline Assistance program is available for only one wireless or wireline account per household. New customers who qualify for Lifeline Assistance will receive a FREE phone, 500 FREE minutes for the first 4 months and Unlimited FREE text messages each month. After 4 months, you get 250 FREE Voice Minutes each month. You will continue to receive UNLIMITED FREE texts each month for as long as you are eligible. To see if you qualify and for information about Connecticut, click here.

Meet the Real Villain of High Blood Pressure—Sugar

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Meet the Real Villain of High Blood Pressure—Sugar

April 6, 2015
Daily Health News
James J. DiNicolantonio, PharmD

When it comes to high blood pressure, Public Enemy #1 has always been salt. For years, our doctors, governments, dietary guidelines, health institutes (such as the American Heart Association) and the media have bombarded us with warnings to reduce our sodium intake or face a higher risk of hypertension, cardiovascular disease and death. We listened…and most of us did what we thought was right and cut back on salt. But some researchers are suggesting that this has all been one more big, long-standing jag of health misinformation. They provide evidence that salt isn’t all that bad and has a minimal effect on blood pressure and that another ubiquitous food flavoring—sugar—is the real culprit behind the explosive rate of high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease in America.  READ MORE HERE.