Dealing with Stress?

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 Tips for Dealing with Holiday Stress

The holiday season often brings unwelcome stress and depression. And it’s no surprise. We think we have to do it all, or be everything to everyone, or get those gifts we just can’t afford. Some of us are alone, or estranged from family and friends.  Children are watching a dizzying array of toys and electronics on television and online, and all are expensive. Family dinners with Uncle George, who is your political opposite, and loud about it, too.  Parties can bring out the worst in people, with too much food and alcohol, and little restraint.   Some of us just can’t be outdone, so we have to give a bigger gift, in a flashier wrapping. We max out our credit cards for things that will soon be forgotten.  Holidays often present a dizzying array of demands — and no holidays are more demanding for Christians than Christmas. What can you do to deal with these stresses?

  1. Be realistic. None of us can do everything and nothing is perfect.
  2. Stick to a budget. Experiences are longer lasting than some gifts.
  3. Don’t try to lose weight, but do try to maintain and not gain.
  4. Reach out if you are having negative feelings.
  5. Watch out for others who might be depressed.
  6. Take note of these hotlines:
    1. Suicide hotline 800-273-8255
    2. Trans Lifeline  877-565-8860
    3. Adolescent suicide hotline  800-621-4000
    4. Suicide hotline for Queer & Questioning Youth  866-488-7386

(Thanks, Marianne!)