High Gas Prices?

 Check Out These Apps!

Remember when $2 would fill your tank? Well, now $2 won’t even buy a gallon of gas! Here are some apps that may help you find the lowest gas prices.

  • Gas Buddy
  • Gas Guru
  • Waze
  • Dash
  • Fuel Finder (iPhone only)

  4 Habits Costing You at the Pump

  1. Going to the same gas station without looking for better prices
  2. Waiting to fill up until your tank is almost empty
  3.  Read the rest of the habits HERE

30 Ways to Save at the Pump 

  1.     Keep your tires filled with the right amount of air
  2.     Keep your clutch adjusted
  3.     Use the manufacturer’s suggested engine oil and maintain the level and cleanliness
  4.     Choose the route with the flattest terrain and fewest stops
  5.     Use your air conditioner sparingly
  6.     Remove unused bike and luggage racks to make your car aerodynamic
  7.     Keep the windows closed when traveling at high speeds
  8.     Work earlier or later to avoid traffic jams and stop-and-go traffic
  9.     Remove heavy objects from the car
  10.   Bike, walk, or use public transportation whenever possible

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